Recently I discovered the “War On Waste” commercial for “Robinet”.  Seriously, if you have not seen it google it.  The commercial got me thinking about what I could do that is a little different and a small contribution toward the environment.

Doing small things that will look after the planet for the future generations has become very popular. Reduce, reuse, recycle has been around for a while now, but recently we have seen a bigger shift as large businesses and some states have banned single use plastic bags.

Recently my mum gave me some tulle bags to use in the grocery section of my weekly shop and I realised that I have so much tulle accumulated at my business.  When I make a veil there is a bit left over down the side that is too big to throw away but too small to do anything with. Also sometimes people give me Tulle to embellish dresses and we may not use it all or the customer might change their mind. So over the years I have stored quite a bit of tulle, thinking that it may come in useful one day.  I wanted to do something else that may help people with their weekly shop and reducing the use of plastics.

After making 200 bags (that’s a lot of left over tulle from Lasting Impressions) I approached Grafton Shoppingworld about handing them out for free.

So, one Saturday, when I knocked off work, my daughter, Amity and I headed to shopping world armed with 200 tulle bags.

After one hour in Shoppingworld I had given out almost 200 bags.  In the scheme of things I realize that 200 bags isn’t a lot but maybe it will get people thinking about alternatives to use in the grocery area.

Although putting the veggies in the fridge in the bags would be like putting your veggies in the fridge in nothing due to the nature of tulle you can re-pack the fruit and veggies into paper bags or other containers when you get home. The tulle bags can be washed and reused multiple times.

If anyone has tulle lying around maybe you could make your own bags or feel free to drop it in to Lasting Impressions and I can make more bags to give away.