Frequently asked questions


Do I need to make an appointment to look at or try on gowns?

Feel free to pop in and browse our extensive range of gowns at any time. While we don’t turn away ladies who just “walk in”, we do prefer appointments as it ensures that we can give you the attention that you deserve. And, of course, all appointments are obligation free.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring your ideas, strapless bra and shapewear (strapless bra and shapewear aren’t compulsory but makes it easier to picture what the gown will look like on the day). Bring an open mind as you may fall in love with something different to your original idea.

How long is my appointment?

Generally we would allow 1 – 11/2 hours.

Who should I bring to my appointment?

We suggest limiting your support to 2. You are welcome to bring as many as you like, however, the more opinions there are in the room the harder it can be for you to feel like you are being heard and the harder it can be to make a decision. Ultimately, you are the one who needs to be happy and comfortable on the day.

Can I buy straight off the rack?

Certainly. Due to having an extensive size range (2-28), if the gown that you love is available in the colour and size you want you are welcome to take it home straight away to save waiting for delivery.

What are the price ranges for your gowns?

Our full length gowns range in price from $200 to $2000. There are more expensive gowns available from our suppliers and we can sometimes get them in on appro for you to try on. However, we try to keep our stock to an easily accessible price range for you.

What sizes do you stock for me to try on?

Many stores only stock sample size 10 or 12. However, our sizes range from 2-28, but we can order from 0 to 40 depending on the brand of gown.

I am a plus size and my hips and bust are different sizes? How can I find the gown of my dreams?

This won’t be a problem as one of our suppliers has a size range from size 2 (31” bust) to a size 40 (67” bust). Once you have chosen the dress of your dreams you want it to fit you, not some standard size model. We can help make your dress fit you perfectly. All alterations can be done here on site.

I am looking for a formal gown for a ball, how do I not turn up in the same dress as someone else?

At Lasting Impressions we understand the importance of this so we keep a register for the balls in this area of the gowns we sell. Eg each school formal and deb ball has a register. The Jacaranda ball and candidates have a register.

I work full time, do you do after hours appointments?

We certainly do. Please just give us a call and we can work out a time that suits both you and your Lasting Impressions Stylist.


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