We have recently seen the Royal Wedding – the marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

I sat at home watching on my computer and screen-printing each different angle that they showed of the gown.

As soon as I could, I headed off to work and spent three hours Saturday night designing and pattern making the bodice (from a basic block pattern) and doing a first toille. On Sunday morning I made a 2nd toille and sourced fabric, tulle and lace. I then took a basic gore skirt pattern and adjusted it so that the seams and darts lined up with the bodice. I made the pattern narrower through the hips, flared it out at the bottom and added a train. Sunday afternoon I cut out all the pattern pieces and then on Sunday evening stitched it all up.

I also made a veil to vaguely resemble Megan’s late Sunday night early Sunday morning.

The fabric I used was a delustred satin.  It took about 15 hours to get it to the point where I could put it on a mannequin or do a photoshoot and have it look finished (and about another 5 to actually finish completely).

I enjoyed getting back into the pattern making and design side of my business and look forward to doing some more projects and designing in the near future.

Thank you to Jess Holder for making herself available for a photo shoot at short notice.

June 2018

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Lasting Impressions
Lasting Impressions